Twitter Light
I created the twitter light demo for MuleSoft Summits, our sales roadshow. Each time someone tweets @MuleSoft, an integration is triggered that changes the state of some Philips Hue LED light strips.
Platform Design Vision
Visual Design by Carl Hagerling
Video Conferencing User Guide
After getting frustrated with the confusing and inconsistent nature of Lifesize, MuleSoft's video conferencing solution, I worked with IT to execute a UX intervention. I designed a guide for each room, which we validated by testing new employees. My efforts spurred further investigation and unification of Lifesize setups at MuleSoft. - Web enabled Smoke Detector
I led a product design study during my MBA program. We designed and prototyped a IoT smoke detector (2 years before Nest!). We worked under the guidance of Matthew Kressy, the Integrated Design program Director at MIT.
API Manager Login Concept

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