Farmer’s Business Network (FBN) is a farm analytics and management tool. Farmers use the product to document current performance and to predict optimal seed/soil/fertilizer combinations for future planning. The mobile application supports the web experience, and is primarily used to check conditions throughout the day and to document farming events from the field.
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Persona and User Flow Documentation
I began my exploration by interviewing the product team about their current farmers. I used that information to quickly create some ad-hoc personas. I then created mobile user flows for each individual to help the team better understand the different segments and user goals. While I wasn’t able to validate the personas and flows with actual users, I provided guidance to the team on how to test our assumptions.
My mobile exploration began by defining the application architecture. The home page prominently features “FBN suggest”, fulfilling a business requirement of surfacing results of data analysis prominently. The most frequently sought data lives on the “Fields” page and is presented in a dashboard format.

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