Farmers Business Network asked me brainstorm ways of surfacing unique product value, with an emphasis on the dashboard page. The primary driver was a business goal of reinforcing product value quickly to avoid buyer's remorse. I enjoy problems like this, because typically unique product value aligns perfectly with user goals. This was a great  opportunity to reconcile both into an ideal solution.
FBN provided this dashboard concept, which unfortunately fails to surface much of the product value, and doesn't anticipate user needs.
I used the concept as a starting point, and added a number of elements that would reinforce product value:
 -Recommended Actions: suggest actions to improve yield today
 -Expected Results: show predictions and trends for annual yield and revenue
 -Planning Assistant: list top seeds in area and allow user to build scenarios
 -You vs. Network: add trend lines, rankings, and badges for comparison
 -Percentage Improvement: call out rate of improvement since joining FBN
I handed the sketch off with a number of other flows, and instructed the Product Manager to ensure that user testing is performed to identify what resonated most with users. My sketch lacks hierarchy, and could likely use some editing as not all elements will deliver value.

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